Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week 16

Posting this a week late, but better late than never :)

Week 16 brought such an improvement to how I have been feeling! No more all-day queasiness, and definitely an increase in energy. I am SO thankful! 

It is amazing how fast these 16 weeks have passed. I feel like it was just yesterday that we found out. According to the baby books, this week marks the start of some amazing growth! Over the next few weeks, our little one will double in weight and add inches to it's body. Our next ultrasound is scheduled for October 29th- I can't wait see how much our baby has grown and finally find out if we will have a baby girl or baby boy!

Last week I mentioned the cookies I planned to make to share the news at work...2 assistants, 5 hours of baking/frosting, and 2 hours of packaging = over 100 onsie pink and blue cookies! My oh my were they YUMMY!

We took exactly 100 cookies to work. When passing them out, we asked our coworkers to take either a pink or blue, based on their guess for boy or girl. We ran out of pink first, meaning that the majority of people at work think we will have a GIRL! We shall see :)