Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where I've Been

So here it is, five days into April. I cannot believe how time speeds along so fast! I haven't been the best blogger- sorry! My days fly by at work, I get home, make dinner, do a few chores, try to exercise, pack the next days lunches, and then its usually time for bed.  Every so often Ricky and I watch a movie or show over Netflix, but most often bed time comes much quicker then we'd like. Although there are never enough hours in the day, I am blessed beyond belief- I love my job and get to work with my husband, we have a beautiful house to come home to, and a very comfy bed for a good night's rest.

A few days ago we got back from a (much needed) vacay to Palm Springs, California.  We had been working a lot of overtime the last few months and things have consistently been go, go, go.  The trip was perfect timing. 

As a child, Palm Springs was a frequent place my family would vacation so it holds a special place in my heart. I love the unique colors, the laid-back feel, and the intense desert heat- it made me so happy to be there with Ricky and for him to experience the place I love oh-so-much.  We relaxed and explored. Although it was hard to leave the sunshine, we boarded the plane feeling energized and refreshed.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.

 Shopping and lunch at The River
 in Rancho Mirage.

 Desert wildflowers.

Cooling off in the pool.

Watch out for the squirt gun! 

I love him.

Poolside snack.

 So good at sharing.

 Love the focus of this photo.

 Lemon tree in the backyard. 

 Orange tree.

Daily morning coffee by the pool.

 Felt so good to read a book!

 Our favorite place to eat.

 Sun setting behind hills.

 We played a lot of pool basketball.

 Loved the fuzz balls and yellow flowers.

 Early morning hike.

My hiking buddy!

At this point, ready to jump in the pool.

The swanky Riviera Resort & Spa


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